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WARNING: Internet fraud is on the rise and it is always a risk when doing business online. Recently, Testengeer has experienced some of this with individuals posing themselves as company representatives trying to make unauthorized purchases using fake purchase orders, fake emails and non-company phone numbers. The recipient of any Testengeer purchase order or request for purchase should always due diligence in asking for proper qualifying information to ensure it is a legitimate order. Always speak with a company accounts payable representative at one of our main phone numbers listed on this website for verification of purchase orders. Again, always when doing business over the internet be sure to understand the risks associated, utilize stringent qualification procedures and execute proper diligence to ensure you are protected from scams.

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Testengeer is a full service engineering firm satisfying clients throughout the Gulf Coast Region. Our hometown "can-do" attitude has developed long-lasting partnerships since 1979. We are actively involved with a wide variety of clients ranging from the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, petroleum, industrial, and commercial manufacturing industries to local municipalities and utilities.

We provide leading edge engineering services at every stage of a project - FROM CONCEPT TO ACTUALITY. Whether you are looking for a "grass roots" facility, a retrofit to an existing piece of equipment, or a solution to a challenging problem, we have an innovative approach that will suit your every engineering need.

We can take charge of an entire project from idea to construction and startup or we can assist you at any phase of your project. Learn more




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